Would You Buy These ‘Revamped’ Slide-Down Bar Phones?

Ahhhh. Remember that golden time when Nokia phones were “the bomb”?

Nostalgia is a big selling factor for a lot of products, which is why family computers, Beanie Babies, troll dolls, heck, even pinball machines aren’t going to go away that fast.

With every reinvention comes a different selling point, and you might wanna check out HMD Global’s take on the Nokia 8810 Reloaded.

Memory a little hazy? Well, the little bar phone made waves in the late 90s and early 2000s after its recurring appearances in the sci-fi extravaganza that was The Matrix, and we all probably remember that one, right?

HMD Global acquired the license to the Nokia brand and first revealed their little slide-down phone ‘reinvention’ at the annual Mobile World Congress. HMD was also the one to roll out the revamped Nokia 3310 in all its adorable, fruity colored, multi-function glory.

The company’s take on the 8810 won’t exactly be a carbon-copy of 20-year old predecessor though, but will still feature the same banana-shaped design, minus the clunky antenna.

The reimagination of the 8810 carries a 2.4-inch color screen (320 x 240), a 2-megapixel camera, WiFi and even a 4G modem, a ‘vamped up’ Snake game, and here’s a shocker: 25 day battery life!

If you’re itching to get your hands on it, might have to wait a little longer, as it is available only in China for now.


Shipping to the West starts in May, but while the phone is feature packed compared to its by-gone progenitor, and is meant to be a nifty little WiFi hotspot that can do just enough, you might want to reconsider the nostalgia.

Can’t expect a whole lotta features on a clunky little phone. However if you’re in it for the irony, or the lost Nokia culture, or simply have around $97 to burn, then by all means, indulge.

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