Brigitte Nielsen Is Pregnant Again At 54 And The Internet Is Curious

Given that only 1% of women over 40 have chance of getting pregnant naturally, the Internet got into a furor over recently released images of actress Brigitte Nielsen, who is well into her early 50s, sporting a baby bump.

The actress, who starred in films like Red Sonja, Beverly Hills Cop II and was recently in The Surreal Life, had her Instagram comments blow up after posting two incredibly beautiful pictures showing her quite comfortable with her baby bump.

family getting larger ❤️ #me #family #brigittenielsen #babybump

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happy time ❤️ positive vibes #happyness #positivevibes

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The posts were put up on Thursday, and the comments only continue to pour in.

Yahoo Lifestyle noted that most of the comments were in praise of the actress, and were just generally curious as to how she conceived.

“Congrats love! Gives me hope I turn 40 this year,” wrote  one.

“Gives me hope!!!!!!! I am 44 and want more kids!!!! Did you get pregnant naturally???”

“Best wishes for a healthy baby, and would love to know if it’s your own egg or not just for my own interest.”

“Whoa you are brave! Can you tell us how is that possible? I never planned on having kids and was told that “after 36 is too old and unsafe.”

Yahoo talked with Zev Williams, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University Medical Center, who said that women can get pregnant over 40, and that surprisingly, there are higher rates of unintended pregnancies in that age group because women generally do away with precautions; believing that pregnancy isn’t possible anymore. Williams says that fertility during that age doesn’t just disappear, but declines gradually.

“But it’s just very unlikely,” said Williams, and adds that chromosomal abnormalities increase as well with age.

“For a 28-year-old woman, about 25 percent of her embryos are chromosomally abnormal, and for a 44-year-old woman, that number rises to 90 percent.”

While Nielsen hasn’t addressed her fans’ queries yet, Williams said it’s likely that she had some type of fertility assistance, like in vitro fertilization,  where the egg and sperm are combined in a laboratory then transferred to a uterus; usually a surrogate if the mother is high-risk to carry a pregnancy. Or, Nielsen could have had her eggs frozen years ago, which makes it that she’s using healthier eggs from her younger self.

Amazing how that works, right?

The Danish-Italian actress is already a mommy to four adult sons: Julian Winding, 34; Killian Marcus Nielsen, 28; Douglas Meyer, 25; and Raoul Meyer Jr, 23. Baby on the way will be her first child with husband Mattia Dessi, 39.

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