Bindi Irwin Shares A Touching Message From One Of Her Father’s Last Interviews

If you didn’t know, Dancing with the Stars alum Bindi Irwin is more than a top dancing performer, she’s the daughter of Australian wildlife conservation advocate Steve ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Irwin, and has been handling animals of all shapes and sizes since she was a tot.

The entire family has definitely taken on Steve’s advocacy, with mom Terri and younger brother Robert also very active in promoting the rescue, rehabilitation, and conservation of endangered and abused animals in Australia and all over the world; and they use their platform to promote education about fierce misunderstood creature like crocs, sharks, spiders, and everything in between.

Any father would be extremely proud, and it looks like Steve may have done a bit of foretelling in a recently unearthed clip of the star.

Bindi posted the clip on her Twitter and called the Crocodile Hunter (He didn’t really hunt crocodiles to kill them! He would ‘hunt’ the animals to move them from areas where their safety was a at risk, as well as a risk to humans; just so we’re clear guys!) her ‘hero.’

In the clip, Steve is asked if he would ever step away from his advocacies if there was a situation that called for it.

Irwin, dressed in trademark khaki safari suit, intently says that the only time he would ever step away from his advocacies was if his children would take up the fight willingly in his place.

“When my children can take the football that I call wildlife conservation, and run it up… When they’re ready to run up our mission, I will gladly step aside,” he said.

Watch the whole video and peep Bindi’s sweet dedication to her dad.

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