This Baby Is Going Viral For A ‘Hairy’ Reason

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This 7-month old is going viral for a ‘hairy’ reason.

Perfectly posed, happy little babies on Instagram can set our hearts (and uteruses, if you want kids) a flutter, but Baby Chanco might also make you scratch at your head and think ‘I need me a head of hair like that!’

That’s because the 7-month old has an astounding head of hair for an infant, with some of us who are either experiencing thinning locks or getting a few gray strands can only describe as #HairGoals.

Her hair journey, and all the hair clips, bobby pins, scarves and head bands in between, are well documented presumably by her parents, who even hilariously put ‘Hair Diary’ in the tot’s Instagram bio.

The baby girl, born in Japan last December, has already amassed nearly 90, 000 followers all looking forward to see what they come up with next with that voluminous mass of hair on her adorable head.

Hopefully, Baby Chanco’s enviable poof of jet black hair will continue to flourish as she grows; but because of hormones and whatnot, she might not carry it all going into adulthood.

But until that day comes, mom and dad Chanco, bring on all the hair accessories!

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