The Weekend Is Ending So You Need To See This Kid And Dog Playing Fetch

The weekend is nearly over, and you deserve to see a toddler and a dog not let a fence get in between their game of fetch.

Ah! Sometimes, footage appears on the Internet that lets us see glimpses of purity and innocence in the world.

When little Landon Richter had his friend Conway Nelson come over to play on Wednesday, they didn’t think they’d become Internet stars for a game they play all the time with neighborhood dog Dozer.

But that’s what happened when Landon’s mom, Erin Richter, posted a video on her son’s friend Conway playing fetch over the fence with the neighbor’s dog. The video has been viewed 2 million times so far, according to Good Morning America.

The Richters, who live in Savage, Minnesota, told Good Morning America, “We think it is so crazy the video is getting so much attention because we play catch every day with Dozer so this is our normal! But we love that it is making everyone smile.”

Dozer is such a good doggy that Richter said their fetch games can go on for hours, or until the ball gets too slobbery.

Viewers clearly needed the purity, as evidenced by the comments left on Chad Nelson’s (Conway’s dad) Twitter:

While somebody noticed the toddler’s knack for a good throw:

We love a wholesome Internet moment!

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