10 April Fool’s Day Pranks That Turned Out To Be Epic Fails


Thinking of a good April Fool’s Day Prank? You might have to think twice.

April 1st seems like a good day to pull off a prank. It’s cool to do it on that day because many people do the same. But some pranks are either not planned out well or just not performed well enough. And worst of all is when the prank you initiated turns out to have you as the victim at the end of the day.

Here are ten (10) April Fools’ Day stories that went in a different direction than expected. And the last one just totally backfired.


Search engine removes joke after it backfires


Google had no choice but to remove its temporary email feature and to issue an apology after its joke backfired. In the 2016 April Fools’ joke of the giant searching engine, it added an option to send a “Mic Drop” response to an email thread. As a result of the option, conversation for the sender was muted. Many came to believe that their email threads were deleted and unrecoverable. This made the Gmail Help Forum flood with complaints. Some users even claimed to have been fired from their job. But after, Google blamed everything on a “bug.”


Exotic meat online sale gone wrong


In Singapore, an online grocer known as Honestbee announced that it was selling meat from endangered animals including that of panda, tiger, and whale. Some ordered but others weren’t charmed by it especially because the deliveries will be made on April 1st. But before the delivery date, Honestbee started receiving hate comments referring to the stint as “distasteful,” “absolutely revolting,” and “in poor, poor taste.” Those who ordered received an animal-themed snack pack on April 1st with a note on how to donate to wildlife charities. Cash generated from the prank was donated to wildlife conservation charities.


Man tried to switch $25K diamond with a fake


In an attempt to steal a $25K diamond from an Amazon jewelry store, Phuoc Tran resorted to switching it with a fake one. The 27-year old man asked to hold the diamond, turned his back and said “April Fool’s” while handling the fake item. The next day, Tran texted an employee saying it was all frank. He was arrested when he came to the store to return the diamond.


The country that outlawed, or not, April Fool’s Day


Did China really outlaw April Fool’s Day? The official Xinhua news agency of China posted such on April Fools’ Day which puzzled many. It said that while the West is celebrating April Fools’ Day, it has no part in the culture of China. It further said that it hoped nobody will believe in rumors. The statement gained social media attention of which many were confused if it was the most serious joke yet or not.


A law firm told employees it will be eliminating work emails at night and weekends


The joke actually favored by the employees of New York-based law firm Weil, Gotshal & Mange. However, they were deeply frustrated knowing that it was all a joke. The company was forced to issue a company-wide email to apologize for the bad joke. Some employees even reacted that their company has no regard for their efforts and considered their job as a joke.


A gaming company’s awful tweets which resulted in an apology


Back in 2014, EA, through the official Frostbite account, posted a series of tweets addressed for April Fools’ Day. The tweets were not acceptable as it gained backlash from the gamers. As a result, EA’s executive Peter Moore publicly apologized for the messages.


A prank to end a relationship backfires


17-year old Hayleigh McBay pretended to break up with her boyfriend David Clarke. David replied with thanksgiving that Hayleigh said it first so he wouldn’t to. Hayleigh was deeply surprised by David’s reply. She forgot that it was actually David’s way of giving her the taste of an April Fools’ Day.


News website’s jihadi April Fools’ Day story


Kildare Now, an Irish news website, ended up asking for an apology after its April Fools’ Day joke gained criticism. The news organization posted a photo of a Kildare landmark with an ISIS flag saying a man put explosives in the area. Twitter users reacted to the post and criticized the website for using a disaster as a joke. The site removed the post and maintained that it was unauthorized and not from a member of the editorial team.


An inappropriate naval sea exercise joke


The Israeli Defense Forces called the April Fools’ Day joke of Vice-Admiral Ram Rotenberg inappropriate. In 2012, Rotenberg told his officers to prepare for a ten-day exercise in the Mediterranean. Crews worked day and night working for the preparations expecting to sail soon. Families of the crew members started sending money and supplies for the soldiers while they were away. But everybody was disappointed upon learning that it was just a joke.


Billionaire and CEO’s prank sent him to jail as it backfired terribly


Richard Branson, a billionaire, CEO, founder and chairman of Virgin groups became a victim of his own prank in the ‘90s. Branson decided to score on business partner Ken Berry by pulling a prank by breaking into Berry’s apartment and taking everything. But Berry immediately reported the situation to the police. After Branson informed Berry of the real situation, he was sent to the holding cell where he spent the night. The next day, Branson was charged with dozens of offenses including wasting police time. The CEO got confused and ashamed of his situation. Branson stepped outside of the police station where he was greeted by the Virgin Records staff, Berry and the police yelling “April Fools!”

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