Apple Rolls Out New Features To Manage Kids’ iPhone Use

More and more studies are finding that children glued to their parents’ tablets and iPhones are having eye problems, cognitive development problems, and a bunch of other bad stuff, but Apple might be able to give parents more control when it comes to their kids’ gadget use via the new ‘Families’ function.

Located at at,  the new landing page can help parents understand the different ways they can program their kids’ gadgets— from their child’s location, to even monitoring and limiting their purchases and content— and introduce parents as well to all the features that there are on Apple devices.

It also covers privacy, help parents set health related settings like sleep mode, data sharing between family members, and the use of Apple devices in education as well.

According to a report on CNN, the parental features were rolled out by the company after two major Apple investors criticized it in January for not doing more about childhood smartphone use; calling on the company to add more ‘advanced’ parental controls.

Representatives for Apple said however that there they have been offering parental control options since 2008, but added that the new landing page is a convenient, all-in-one ‘round up’ of the different ways parents can monitor their device-using children more carefully.

The CNN report cited a Common Sense Media survey which found that 98 percent of homes with children have mobile devices, and young children are spending an average of 48 minutes a day on them. According to the study, 42% of those young kids already have their own device.

Understandably, a lot of parents turn to using their devices — iPods, iPads, and their phones— to keep children occupied while they try to do things around the house or while out and about, so maybe being mindful of the quality of the kids’ screen time, and not just the quantity of it, is also a good thought to ponder.

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