Here’s What Happens When You Drink Apple Cider Vinegar For A Week

Every once in a while, the beauty and skin care market digs up an old-timey remedy and the market enters into a frenzy for the product and similar ones like it — take the humble apple cider vinegar: available at your local grocery or freshly made at your nearby farmer’s market, apple cider vinegar is enjoying its moment as one of the sought after skincare ingredients of women with especially oily or acne-prone skin.

But what are its possible effects if ingested on the regular as a tonic?

Health and Fitness Cheat Sheet writer Jessie Quinn took on the challenge, drinking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar diluted in a glass of water every day to see what effect what it would have on her body and her health.

Mind you, everyone’s different, so if you are inspired to try out the ACV challenge based on her results, it might not end up in the same way:

Less Bloat

“One of the first things I noticed was my bloat — or, lack thereof. I am someone who, unfortunately, gets bloated very easily, to the point where I don’t even notice it half the time. And, while I may not always notice my bloat, I definitely noticed when it disappeared,” wrote Jessie. Be mindful about acid reflux though!


Feeling Full Faster

Studies have supported that apple cider vinegar can actually suppress appetite and decrease calorie intake; so you may find that where once was a snack queen, there now is none.


Happier Guts

“In addition to decreasing my bloat and suppressing my appetite, apple cider vinegar also helped out my gut. Because of its fermentation, apple cider vinegar can act as a probiotic on the body and promote a healthier digestion,” Jessie wrote.

She admitted thought that it was a pretty ‘minor’ benefit for her, but throughout the two week journey, she found she had few stomach aches and digestion aches.


Clearer Skin

“While I didn’t try it topically, I did notice that my skin looked clearer and healthier after two weeks of drinking the substance.

A reason for this may be because ACV is naturally pH balancing. And while it may have been balancing my body’s alkaline pH levels, it was probably balancing my skin’s, too. After all, it is the body’s largest organ.” For direct application, it’s best to dilute the ACV in water too before applying as a toner.


Sweet cravings decreased

“Like many people, I have a major sweet tooth and it takes a lot to suppress it. And while I didn’t stop craving sweets altogether, I did see a significant decline,” she said.

Quinn puts this observation down to research done on ACV that looked at apple cider vinegar’s successful ability to decrease blood sugar levels after a meal.


Tight clothing fit better

Aaah! Probably what everyone is eager to find out!

“With my bloat going down and my insides feeling good, I decided to slip into the jeans at the end of the two-week experiment. And much to my surprise, they actually fit better than usual. While they’re still not perfect, they’re a definite indication of the effects apple cider vinegar had on my body.”

Think it could be worth giving it a try?


Weight Loss in two weeks

“As far as weight loss goes, I wasn’t expecting to lose anything, as I am already on the smaller side of the spectrum (about 120 pounds) and losing weight doesn’t come easily. But, much to my surprise, after two weeks of drinking apple cider vinegar, I actually saw the scale move,” wrote an astonished Jessie.

The weight loss could be due to her not taking in any more sweets due to calmed cravings, but hey! God on ya.


As with every other experiment, we’d all of course like to know if our at-home remedies can treat more serious illnesses in the long run.

There’s a body of research suggesting that the vinegar can treat diabetes and heart problems, but so far nothing is conclusive. Consuming too much ACV is also bad for your teeth in that it can rot our enamel faster, so be mindful of that too.

Read more of Jessie’s insights on her two week research here.

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