This Amazing Rescue Puppy Saved This Man From Depression

rescue puppy saved man from depression

This rescue puppy deserves a lifetime of pats on the head ’cause he’s more than just good boy — he’s a life-saver.

There’s doom and gloom in every corner nowadays, and we’re made more aware of it the instant it blows up on our devices. So while you’re already connected, have a breather with this story coming out of the United Kingdom:

Nick  Murdoch was going through a rough time a few years ago, going through the motions of a failed marriage, then getting diagnosed with clinical depression.

“I was put on medication and had a counsellor but as a child I had always had a dog in my life and they always brought such joy, so four years ago I made the best decision ever, to adopt a dog.”

He first adopted Ralph the Jack Russell terrier in 2013, but again had to go through heartbreak after Ralph had to be put down due to a crippling illness, all before Christmas Day last year.

“My state of mind suffered after losing Ralph; my purpose in life had gone,” Nick recalled.

“I didn’t want to get another dog at Christmas and I knew that lots would be looking for homes in the New Year, so I waited and then went along to Dogs Trust Shrewsbury again and that was when I met Nacho.”

According to his carers, three-year-old Nacho was looked after by Dog Trust Shrewsbury since March 2016 but was “sadly overlooked,” that is, since Nick came along.

“He [Nacho] saw the seasons come and go and watched as many other dogs headed off to their forever homes. New Year came and went too and he was still patiently waiting for his special someone, then 49-year-old Nick walked through the doors of the rehoming centre,” they said.

Dog Trust added in a statement that they were already considering Nick for Nacho, as he had a home and the capacity to care for a dog, but waited a bit for them to bond. The shelter was ecstatic when the two hit it off and Nick adopted the active puppy with a distinct black birthmark on his left eye.

“I knew he was the one for me when he managed to sneak a treat out of my coat pocket when we were sat on a bench having some quiet time together at the rehoming centre! He is very cheeky and really outgoing which is great,” said Nick.

“All the neighbors love him and he loves meeting new people so when we’re out on our walks I end up chatting to people that wouldn’t approach me if I didn’t have Nacho,” he added.

“Now my days are full of walking and talking, which they definitely wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for Nacho. He’s a life-saver,” said Nick.

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