9 People With Weird Names That Had Problems With Facebook


Facebook’s real name policy has been questioning various accounts that have questionable names. The social media network is trying to strictly implement the said policy to avoid fake people.

However, no matter how weird the names look, some of them are representing real people. Here are 9 people who once had problems with Facebook because of the real name policy. Some just have weird names while others are forced to live with the names they just cooked up.

She changed her name to log in to Facebook



Jemmaroid Von Laalaa, or formerly known as Jemma Rogers, 30, made a desperate move to change her name in the hopes that her Facebook account will be unlocked. Jemma set up her Facebook profile in 2008 using the pseudonym Jemmaroid Von Laalaa. Her goal was to prevent any annoying friend requests from old friends.

Facebook sent Jemma a message asking for an identification of her name. A day after she admitted to doctoring her bank cards, Facebook suspended her account. Jemma changed her name to Jemmaroid and sent a new ID to Facebook but still failed.


Something Long And Complicated



In 2007, William Wood changed his name to a name people wouldn’t easily believe. Something Long And Complicated, William’s new name became the reason why Facebook blocked him. Something sent his driving license to Facebook and the social media giant reinstated his account.


Struggled to use his name



While Facebook insists that its users use their real name, a man from Hoboken, New Jersey struggled to use his real name. At first, Daniel Balls used the name Bad Boy Ballsy when he registered in 2006 to check photos of friends. His account was shut down after a year and Balls started to use several pseudonyms because he even couldn’t use his real name. What’s so wrong with Daniel Balls?


Avatar was banned



The couple from Prescott, Arizona cannot use their real name on Facebook because of their family name. Balizar Orion and Audry Avatar had their account shut down by the social media network just because it is the same as Avatar, a popular film.


The Doctor Who fan



Lex Glover, a 19-year old with autism, is a huge fan of Doctor Who. As a result, he changed his name to Peter Capaldi. Facebook is Glover’s only way to communicate with other Doctor Who fans, but the social media giant suspended his account. Today, Lex’s sister, Rebecca, is trying to reach Facebook with the hopes to reactivate the account, and is yet to receive a response.


“I’m not a terrorist”



Just because her name is Isis, a woman’s Facebook account was suspended. Isis Anchalee, an entrepreneur, received a notice of the suspension of her account because her name is similar to the terrorist group ISIS. Fortunately, after her third try, her account was reactivated.


Native Americans name problems



Names like Kills the Enemy and Creeping Bear are some of the names from Native Americans that were problematic with Facebook. The company has banned different accounts because of its real name policy. The issue started in 2009 when they banned the account of then 28-year old Parmelee Kills the Enemy.


Wrong Facebook name comes to reality



Because he was avoiding a fee of $336, a 19-year old from Manchester, England changed his name from Adam Armstrong to Adam West. The error happened because Adam’s stepfather booked him a ticket to Ibiza using his Facebook name. Adam changed his name because it would have cost him $336 to change the Ryanair ticket as compared to spending nothing to change his name and $158 for a new passport.


A fake account from DEA



Sondra Arquiett or also known as Sondra Prince suddenly had a Facebook account without her knowledge after she was sentenced for the distribution of cocaine. Timothy Sinnigen created the fake account in order to converse with Sondra’s peers and other alleged suspects. Sinnigen works with the Drug Enforcement Administration.

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