8 Worst Things Dickhead Boyfriends Have Done

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Will you like to be tagged as the worst boyfriend ever? For sure, no man wants to.

Every now and then, however, the world is presented with some dickheads who have done the worst possible things to their significant other. Here are some examples of things that you should never do to your girlfriend.

Find A Rapist On Craigslist

Dickhead Boyfriend 1


In December 2009, a Craiglist advertisement was posted with the title “need a real aggressive man with no concern for women.” A certain Ty Oliver McDowell saw the ads and contacted the person who posted it. McDowell had no idea that he was contacting with Jebidiah James Stipe, a 27-year old Wyoming man, who posted the ad using his former girlfriend’s name. Luckily, Stipe’s girlfriend noticed the ad and contacted Craiglist. The ad was deleted. Consequently, the two men were arrested and charged.

Send Your Girlfriend’s Nude Photos As A Christmas Card

Dickhead Boyfriend 2


A certain David Simmons from Murfreesboro was kind enough to send Christmas cards to his ex-girlfriend’s family. However, those cards were NSFW in nature, showing Simmon’s ex-girlfriend doing sexual acts. Some cards were successfully sent out to her family while some were intercepted. As a result, Simmons was arrested and sentenced.


Rob Your Girlfriend To Buy Beer

Dickhead Boyfriend 3


When Michael Vinson’s girlfriend thought that she’s about to give birth, she asked him to bring her to the hospital. Instead of bringing her to the hospital, Vinson punched her twice in the head, waved a knife in her face, threatened to kill her and robbed her to buy beer. Eventually, the woman got help and was brought to the hospital. Vinson was arrested for domestic violence.


Beat Your Amputee Girlfriend

Dickhead Boyfriend 4


Tiesha Bell got her arms and legs amputated because of a childhood illness. One night, her dickhead boyfriend hit her 10 times, all because she was blocking the television. Smith admitted to the assault but was quick to note that he did it for self-defense. Smith argued that Bell cheated on him before the assault. He also claimed that she threw a pan filled with urine at him. However, despite everything, Bell is still willing to marry her boyfriend.


Fake Your HIV Test

Dickhead Boyfriend 5


When Duane Lang’s girlfriend refused to have an unprotected sex with him unless he shows his HIV test result, Lang made a crucial decision. He faked his HIV result and gave it to his girlfriend. The woman agreed to get intimate with Lang, believing he was HIV negative. After few months, she became suspicious, until Lang admitted that he has been HIV positive for years. Lang was arrested and was charged with reckless endangerment and forgery.


Force Your Pregnant Girlfriend To Sign A Pro-Beating Contract

Dickhead Boyfriend 6


A pregnant, 19-year old, girl was forced to sign a contract that allows her boyfriend to pound her as much as he wanted. Graydon Smith tried to scurry free from any charges by forcing his girlfriend sign a contract. The contract says that Smith is free to physically abuse his girlfriend for as long as he does not hit her pregnant belly. Smith denies the abuse but admits to forcing his girlfriend to sign the said contract. Later on, Smith was arrested after the police found his girlfriend bleeding from the face and with a contusion on the back of her head.


Fake Your Death

Dickhead Boyfriend 7


There are too many fakes in this world. This is why Edtition Thompson tried to skip responsibilities and punishments by faking his death and fleeing his place. Thompson’s family also held a fake funeral for him. Thompson did this because he impregnated his girlfriend’s 11-year old daughter. After his arrest, Thompson also faked a heart attack and a suicide attempt.


Put Up Signs To Break Up With Your Girl

Dickhead Boyfriend 8


In New South Wales, a certain Jennifer became the talk of the town after a sign with a message for her were left by the side of the road. The sign says: “Jennifer will you marry me? Just kidding. I’m breaking up with you. You have six days to move out.” Later on, two boys admitted that the sign was only a prank.

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