5 Tips For Going On Kid-Friendly Trips

Spring time is nearly upon us, and for a lot of families, that means trips for leisure or other family-related trips.

Of course, we’d all love to let our kids tag along for the family fun, but understandably, the thought can be overwhelming.

Fashion designer Amina Aranaz-Alunan shared her tips on how to haul the entire family as pain-free as possible; proving she isn’t a Cathay Pacific airline ambassador and for nothing.


Don’t overthink packing.

Amina admits that these days, she’s learned to take it easy when it comes to planning and packing outfits for her kids.

“I just bring everything out of the closet and [spread them out] on the carpet, look at everything from the top, and just grab what seems to match,” Amina says. She adds that this process is much more efficient since she’s “usually in a rush to pack for myself.”


Discover OOTDs’ bigger, more important function.

The Filipino fashion designer says there’s a bigger reason she dresses her three kids up in matching outfits, other than making for cute Instagram material.  It helps her spot them in a crowd, but in case you’re met with rebellious wails…

…Assert your role. “My eldest son, he’s 11 now, is starting to complain about it. But I’m the one who packs for them, so sorry!” she laughs.


Wear flats. It makes much more sense, she says, especially with kids you constantly need to be looking after.


Know that sometimes, your kids can save the day.

Those adorable faces can be quite the leverage! Amina shared that in one of their travels, her young son made their dad’s day.

“There was a time wherein my husband desperately wanted to eat in a certain restaurant abroad, but it was closed and we were flying out the next day. One of our sons walked with him to the restaurant and convinced the restaurant owner to let our family go in. The owner relented and opened it for us!”

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