3 Tips To Have The Best Beach Bod Ever

Prepping for your beach bod?

We’re getting two steps ahead of you and already thinking of ways you can rock a beach body for summer! And don’t worry, nobody’s getting body shamed here, because it’s 2018, and we don’t need it.

1. Find your desired swimsuit!

First of all, a lady needs the cutest swimming attire of her choice to lounge around in whether or not she ends up taking a dip. Your choice of swimwear (bikini, tankini, malliot, heck, go in a mumu! The world is your oyster) can really get you in the mood for a bevy of activities you can do at the beach. Going sporty? Then a full rash guard oughta protect you from a full day under the sun. Tanning? A slinky bikini is mighty cute. Just there to read a book and take cute pics? A vintage inspired malliot (or one piece suit).

cause I’m reeeaaaaaaaaaalll

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2. Drink water!

How are you and your beach bod going to enjoy a day out on the beach if it’s dehydrated and musty? Not having drinking water at hand when you’re at hot, humid places like the beach is no bueno for anybody, so be sure to pack a refreshing drink (and throw in a few snacks!) for the duration of your stay. While we’re on the subject, pack that drink in reusable containers you can take home to enjoy again and again. Loving the environment and being responsible about your trash means more beautiful beaches to enjoy during our lifetime.

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3. Block out the haters!

While you might take this to mean we want you to pack a rad pair of shades (but you already knew that), we also mean to never pay any mind to what people at the beach might think about your body. What kind of dusty, insecure person goes out of their way to make someone else feel bad at the beach, where everybody is half naked anyways (because the weather’s hot and carrying a lot of wet clothes isn’t fun!) The answer? Not you, boo! While it might be easier said than done, taking it bit by bit with your beach bod can open up a new world of positive experiences for you, we promise!

Now go out there and rock your own unique beach bod!

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