10 Of The Most Unusual World Records In The World


There are a few brave souls out there who are willing to do crazy things just to put their name in history books. However, regardless of their nature, these are still world records which any record holder can be proud of.

Here are 10 of the most unusual world records ever.

Most number of candles extinguished by farts



A series of farts helped Filipino Jesse achieved the record for most number of candles extinguished by farts. Jesse blew out 5 candles with the aid of a long tube and his very brave friend.


Hardest kick to the groin



With a kick to the groin, how hard can you take? Kirby Roy hired an American Gladiator/MMA fighter, Justice Smith to kick his groin. Smith delivered over 1,100 pounds of force with a speed of 22 mph directly towards the groin of Kirby Roy. The latter looked like he felt nothing.


Loudest scream



At 129 decibels, a British teacher named Jill Drake made herself a record holder of the loudest scream in the world. Mrs. Drake made the record back in 2000, eventually shattering the former record of Annalisa Flannagan of Northern Ireland at 120.7 decibels. Such sound is actually louder than a jet engine.


Fastest king-sized bed maker



If you’re in such a hurry that you can’t even make up your bed, Andrea Warner is the best answer to your problem. At 74 seconds, this English hotel manager is capable of preparing a king-sized bed, including fitted sheet, top sheet, two pillowcases, fully buttoned duvet, and bed runner.


Most snails on face



Fin Keheler had to have 43 snails on her face for at least 10 seconds to achieve her record. The 11-year old Utah girl performed the challenge in celebration of her 11th birthday.


Most number of watermelons sliced on someone’s stomach



In one minute, how many watermelons can you slice in half using a machete? Probably a lot. What if you need to slice them on top of someone’s stomach? You probably can’t do one. In 2012, Bipin Larkin sliced 48 watermelons on Ashrita Furman’s stomach in 1 minute – making them the title holder for such act.


Eating entire Cessna plane



All of the 150 pieces of a Cessna plane were chopped and were eaten by Frenchman Michel Lotito. The entire process lasted for two years from 1978 to 1980. Lotito finished the stint with mineral oil and water. In 2007, Lotito died of natural causes.


Largest dog wedding



Jill Kobe presided the wedding of 178 dog couples in one ceremony. The dogs met in a speed dating session before the wedding. They said “I do” with their sweetest barks.


Writing numbers in words up to one million



It took 16 years and 7 months for Les Stewart to finish writing numbers in words from one to one million. He used a total of 19,890 pages of paper, 1,000 ink ribbons, and 7 typewriters. It is the kind of record which needed a lot of patience and determination.


Most number of world records by one person



A total of 551 records were set by only one person. The King of all Stupid Records, Ashrita Furman receives a world record for setting the most number of world records. Some of these records include doing 27,000 jumping jacks, running the fastest mile with a baseball bat balanced on his hand, and jumping on the world’s smallest pogo stick, among others.

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